The DigiSpark Process

Raw uncut diamonds

Your Idea – A diamond in the rough

Where it all starts …

At DigiSpark we love the creative process involved in turning an idea into something tangible – it’s like discovering an uncut gem. You cannot appreciate its full potential without refining it. By removing the impurities, applying the best jewelers cut and polishing it – you unlock its true value and sparkle.

We’re not just another development or marketing agency – Our purpose is to help “Ideas People” navigate the unstructured chaos that comes with entrepreneurship.

Our focus is to help our clients design and implement a step by step plan, to take their idea and turn it into a well-formed solution or business. We have a network of specialists to help get things done, so no matter where you are in setting up the business or product, we can assist in making it a reality.

Rough diamond

Ideate – Clean and remove impurities

“Ideate” – verb.
to form ideas; think. form an idea of; imagine or conceive …

As part of this phase we will take your idea and break it down, to help you conceptualize. We’ll help you to answer the questions: WHY, HOW, WHERE. We’ll discuss and flesh out all of the entrepreneurial and business challenges faced by a startup or SME, including business plans, company registration and/or legal compliance.

Our goal in this phase is to try and break down your idea into its simplest functional form (minimum viable product or MVP). We’ll ensure that the MVP is created with scalability in mind, but our aim is to get the product in the hands of consumers as soon as possible. By using an MVP approach, we can maximise the speed of delivery with minimal resources. Our primary objective is to make sure customers are as excited as we are!!

You don’t need to learn to drive in a Ferrari, when a little Citi Golf will do. The idea is that once you can drive, then we’re ready to spend money on the Ferrari. You might find that you prefer a motorbike! Glad you didnt splash out on a Ferrari you won’t use?

cut diamond

Create – Apply the best jewelers cut

Design and Development

After we’ve established what the MVP will entail, we’ll start the design and development process. Our team of User Experience (UX) focused designers and senior developers will make sure our product is created exactly to specification (like an experienced jeweler).

This process will be accompanied by rigorous Quality Assurance (as per Agile methodologies).

We’ll keep you in the loop with regards to the progress and timelines every step of the way.

You as the client will be involved too – when development and QA has been completed, we’ll need you to do client testing. The dev phase will only be completed once you are 100% happy.

Activate – Showcase your jewel

What do the users think?

When we get User Acceptance Testing signoff from you, the next step is to make sure everything is ready for go-live.

Tracking is vitally important on our MVP – after all, its main purpose is to answer questions on whether our assumptions were correct, or if we need to rethink and pivot on our offering. (As an example – websites or apps will need analytics tracking enabled, so we can report on how users are using the site/app – are they navigating as expected, is the path to conversion as optimized as possible, etc.) We’ll also add feedback mechanisms, so we are able to get valuable user feedback.

All of our builds are made with Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing best practices in mind, to showcase the product to as many customers as possible.

After a few weeks / months / defined period, we’ll have all the user information we need to answer that most important question – are we on the right track?

shiny diamond

Elevate – Take it to the next level

Adding the bells and whistles

If we’re happy that our offering is well received (and fulfilling its intended purpose), we can proceed with confidence!

Now we’re ready to add all those bells and whistles, to really make this business take off. We’ve had this scalability in mind since creating the MVP, so we’ve always been ready to add features. Based on user data, we know which features to prioritize, so we can showcase the full potential and delight users.

On the other hand, if the MVP had not gone according to plan, this is also an outcome we have considered. We are in a great position to pivot, and go back to the drawing board, without incurring the heavy losses we might have had by releasing the full-featured product or business.

The version 2 process will be similar, ideate, create, activate and elevate … bring on version 3, 4, 5 …. get ready to level up!